Attention! Digital printing after printing process should pay attention to these!

From the pre-press design to consider post-press processing

For digital prints, the quality of pre-press design has a great impact on post-press processing, so in the design of digital prints, we should consider the impact of post-press processing technology on printed matter.

01 Paper thread direction

Digital printing paper size is small, the specification is limited, and a large number of prints are single-sided printing, in addition to the requirement of pre-press design to make the most effective use of paper, but also consider the direction of the paper thread.If allowed, try to make the direction of the silk thread of the paper and the finished book back direction consistent.As a result of digital printing ink and color only adhere to the surface of the paper, if the direction of the horizontal thread fold, the image is prone to fracture in the fold.

02 The position of the image

Usually, many digital prints have images designed in the middle of the sheet, but when they are printed and processed after printing, they find that doing so wastes a lot of time and money.For example, if an image with a size of 15cm×23cm is designed in the middle of a printing sheet with a size of 22cm×28cm, the four edges of the printing sheet need to be cut. However, if the image is placed at a certain Angle, only the two sides need to be cut, which not only saves the post-printing processing time, but also reduces the printing cost.

However, if the other two sides of the image are bleeding design, it is still necessary to cut all sides of the print.

Consider post-press processing

When designing digital print before press, it is necessary to consider what kind of post-press processing technology should be adopted.

For example, the use of binding process, should pay attention to the following 2:

(1) Due to the particularity of digital printing process, the ink on the surface of printed matter will affect the bonding degree of hot-melt adhesive, so it is recommended to design a blank within 1cm around the spine;

(2) wireless binding book of poor malleability, especially the use of high quantitative paper, book binding is not easy to read, should pay attention to set the size of the center, so as not to affect the normal reading.

If the drilling process is adopted, the drilling needle will get hot during the drilling, which will easily lead to the image toner melting of digital printing. Therefore, images and text should be avoided as far as possible in the drilling position.

Common post-press processing

Only from the beginning of the live parts do careful design and arrangement, to ensure the harmony between printing and post-press processing.In digital post-press processing, the following points should be noted.

01 folding

As a result of digital printing ink, color only adhere to the surface of the paper, so folding processing is prone to crack.Therefore, it is best to press the crease before the hinge – processing.

02 coated

Film can improve the product grade, can play a protective role on the printed matter, to avoid toner friction caused by the phenomenon of toner scratches and peeling.Digital printing ink layer contains silicone oil, adhesive can not normally permeate the ink layer, immediately after printing lamination is easy to produce bubbles, try to make the printed matter placed for a period of time before lamination.

For the type of mulch, digital prints suitable for the use of hot mulch.In addition, the chemical composition of colorant and many kinds of coated materials do not adapt, will also appear quality problems, so pay attention to the use of coated materials and colorant.If the film can not achieve 100% transparency, after the mulch may affect the color reproduction effect of printed matter, so before processing it is best to let the customer confirm that it meets the requirements, then the formal production.

03 saddle stitching

For most digital prints, horseman is a good choice, especially for the binding of smaller volumes such as guides, brochures and brochures.The binding method is economical and practical, and it can be carried out online with other processing methods, and can be carried out at the same time with page, folding, binding and even machine cutting post-press processing, which can provide a guarantee for the fast delivery required by digital printing.

04: flat

In the design of a flat book, we must first pay attention to the stapling mouth and the text between enough room for binding.In order to make clear the specific location of flat printing processing, the designer had better understand the actual printing paper after digital printing to the processor before digital printing processing, this is particularly important for digital printing.

Most computer programs do not take into account small changes in paper thickness after printing, while in digital printing, the color printed on the surface of the paper will cause changes in the thickness of the printed sheet. When dozens of digital printed sheets are bound, the accumulated thickness changes may render the computer’s carefully calculated binding size meaningless.

Therefore, it is necessary to master the sample sheet variation parameters of actual production paper after digital printing, so as to accurately measure the book thickness in printing design and ensure proper binding size after printing.

Wireless adhesive binding

And offsctdruckereien viscose binding processing, digital prints of the wireless adhesive binding also to consider the amount of binding.In addition to the back of the book to leave a margin of about 1/8 of the width, in the other three sides of the book to leave a margin of about 1/8 of the width.

In addition, under the cover of the book should also set aside a width of 1/4 of the glue, in order to prevent glue in the binding process to the next book.Adhesive processing also requires the printing of bleeding cover should be a little larger than the text size.

Wireless adhesive binding hardcover

Wireless adhesive binding hardcover processing is an important post-press processing method in digital printing binding.The key to the hardcover process is how to bond the book block with the hard book case so as to produce books that can be preserved for a long time.

Although wireless adhesive glue order cost and the cost of the time required for hardcover and digital printing for the short version printing market seems to be some less, but some are prefabricated digital printing post-press binding enterprises hardcover commonly used different colors, different styles and different sizes of the hardcover book cover for the customer to choose, so wireless adhesive glue order hardcover also become a way of binding of digital print.

Post time: Sep-17-2020