How to measure the size of packaging

Finding the suitable boxes and bags for your products, maybe confusing sometimes,Now we offer suggestions of how to measure the size of  box and bag easily.

custom packaging box


Length is usually the longest side of the package. When you shop around and read the size of a box or package, you usually list the length first.

If you have a box in front of you, keep it open(as shown). Pick up your ruler and measure the longest edge from edge to edge. Record this measurement in inches. This measurement is your length.


Width is crucial to ensure that your items fit your box or bag. When reading the measurement, the width is usually the second dimension listed.

Use your box to measure the distance from the front to the back. This size is your width.(This article is launched by the Gathe Packaging Box Printing and Customizing Factory. The reprint must indicate the,Please respect!)


Post time: Jul-29-2019