Offsctdruckereien UV ink in the process of printing four characteristics

UV ink has been widely used in offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing and ink-jet printing due to its advantages of instant curing, low application energy consumption, low pollution and superior printing suitability.

Offsctdruckeren UV ink in the application of UV ink occupy a considerable proportion, including offsctdruckeren color ink, offsctdruckeren ink, offsctdruckeren matte ink, offsctdruckeren pearl ink, which is widely used in packaging printing, book cover printing, CD cover printing and high quality, mass label printing and other areas.Offsctdruckereien UV ink has the following characteristics.

Fast curing speed.Under UV irradiation, offset UV ink can be cured in a few seconds.Packaging printing often need to print a large area of the field, and requires a higher printing density, so that the amount of ink has to be increased, then the drying problem becomes very important, if the ink drying is not good, it often affects the effectiveness of labor, and the use of offset UV ink, the problem will come naturally.

Prevent ink crust.Offsctdruckeren UV ink can prevent ink skinning, remove the offset printing press when the ink skinning concerns.

All kinds of substrate has a superior auxiliary force.Offsctdruckeren UV ink curing without seepage, can be printed on non-receptive substrate, such as card, this is the scope of popular offsctdruckeren ink can not set.

Improve the printing environment.Because offsctdruckeren UV ink in the printing does not need to spray powder, so that the printing environment has been superior to improve, to avoid the powder and post-printing processing caused by the trouble, such as glazing, film coating.

Post time: Sep-08-2020