Printing process: Pre-press platemaking technology and its application

[CPP114] Stereotype can be divided into the following categories: hand engraving, laser engraving, flexographic printing, Photoshop printing and die cutting.The above plate-making technology is often used in carton enterprises.Depending on the size of the enterprise, the platemaking techniques used are not the same.Small carton factory is mostly the use of manual engraving technology, this technology cost is low, but the requirements of engraving personnel is relatively high.Now, this platemaking technology is less, but in the Midwest some small carton factory or more common.

Laser engraving flexible version (rubber version) : some carton production enterprises in order to reduce production costs, the processing of some small batch of scattered orders mostly used laser plate making technology for the production of the layout, this plate making technology in the country’s medium-sized above the carton production enterprises are more common.This kind of platemaking mode is more convenient, need a computer and a laser engraving machine, in the platemaking, will use the computer to design the layout through a platemaking mode.

Specific operation is: engraving personnel will base version cutting according to the size of the design layout, put the base version as required in the laser engraving machine, and according to the requirement of positioning, computer output carving instruction, laser engraving machine carving, carving finished, laser engraving machine to carry on the prompt, engraving personnel need to sculpture, simply replace the base version of an operation can be according to the above procedure.After the layout is carved, the plate makers need to clean up the layout, remove the unnecessary parts, and then the plate makers check the layout against the sample, after confirming that there is no error, it will be handed over to the production unit to use or make the hanging version.If the production of hung version, the need for plate makers to do a good hang version after the review of the layout against the sample, no error before the production department for use.Otherwise, it shall not be put into production.

Laser die – cutting: under normal circumstances by professional plate – making companies to do.This method of platemaking advantages are plate – making speed, high precision, relatively durable.The disadvantages are the slow speed and high cost of knife change.In general, this version is made by the carton enterprise according to the carton specifications layout design, through the network to the professional plate-making company, professional plate-making company according to the design layout, and then sent back to the carton enterprise, and after the designer’s review to the production department for use.There is a way to make die-cutting version, is handmade, drawing through the computer, manual cutting version.Manually enlarge the drawings on the base plate, use professional equipment to punch holes and saw lines, and manually install the knife lines and steel lines. After completion, the drawings will be reviewed and confirmed, which can be delivered to the production department for use.However, this platemaking method is inefficient, not durable, easy to error.Nowadays, few enterprises use manual platemaking.

Drying flexible version (resin version) : through the computer design of the layout, the clear sample to be sent to the carton purchasing enterprises for review and confirmation before the plate.Make the film by sulphate paper or film sheet, cut the resin base plate according to the size and specification of the layout, cover the film on the resin base plate, and cover it with light resistant material around, so as to prevent overexposure and affect the normal use of the layout.After everything is in place, the base plate in the dedicated plate printer for exposure, exposure time of about 30 minutes, after the completion of the version out, into the professional plate washing machine for cleaning.After cleaning, it is put into the baking box for baking shaping.After setting, the adhesive treatment is required.After the completion of all this, the layout should be reviewed by professional designers, after no error in the assembly hung plate or directly to the production department for use.

Printing lithography (PS version) : design and proofing through professional design and platemaking companies.This proofing is color proofing, in order to facilitate the carton printing enterprises in the printing with the proofing ink to keep consistent, especially multi-color printing, dot printing, in the dot, color order control to pay attention to.Plate makers should pay special attention to the exposure time and exposure equipment cleaning when making lithography.In the plate making personnel for printing lithography, first of all to print the machine to clean, keep the exposure surface clean, open the equipment and start, take a meeting the requirements of the base plate in the center of the plate printing machine.Keep the positioning line according to the drawing and front rules of the printing machine, and place the film (film) on the plate according to the position of the positioning line.Close the printing machine and start the vacuum machine, set the exposure time, start the exposure device, and make the exposure according to the set exposure time (in general, the time is set between 20 seconds and 2 minutes, the specific length of the setting time is set by the plate-maker according to the needs of the printing plate).After completion, let the exposure device automatically cool and close, open the plate printer, take out the negative and put it away, take out the lithograph and put it in the developing machine for automatic development.After the development, wash the layout with clean water, the plate maker will trim the layout, remove dirty spots, dirty lines, etc., so as to facilitate printing and make the layout clean. After the completion, the layout will be handed over to the production department for use.

Post time: Sep-07-2020