Product packaging requirements?

Your customers have fallen in love with your product online, so you can be sure that it reaches your doorstep in mint conditions. As a seller, paying attention to packaged and shipped products is as important as the care that makes them. After all, your reputation as an online retailer can be severely affected, whether positive or negative, based on customer experience, which means that every order you make will affect the future of your business.
1. Jewelry

Pack and ship your precious jewels and let your customers come back for more. Utilize custom packaging, make a statement with high-quality jewelry, and protect your product with the correct combination of accessories and cushioning. Be cautious when transporting valuables by keeping the outer packaging cautious.

2. Artwork and prints

The key to packaging artwork is to choose the right container for your product. Undecorated posters and prints should be rolled in paper towels for extra protection before being packed in durable mailing tubes. On the other hand, the framed artwork should be fixed with multi-layer foam packaging and corrugated board cut to a certain size, and then packed in a neutral cardboard box. Before choosing transportation materials, be sure to measure your work first to ensure it is suitable.

3. Clothing

Delivery clothing is all about presentation. Fold the clothes neatly to prevent wrinkles, then wrap them in tissue paper and secure them with paper tape or rustic twine, depending on your brand style. Choose an appropriate size package to prevent your products from slipping and wrinkling during transportation.

4. Candle

Candles bring peace of mind to your customers and pack them so that they can do the same for you when they arrive in mint conditions. It is safe to store candles in glass or tin containers through bubble wrap. You should also wrap loose candles in paper towels to prevent them from melting each other when overheated.

It is also important to choose the right box, because too much movement during transportation can damage the container or destroy the wax. Two inches of cushioning is recommended on each side. As a final precaution against temperature changes, please consider using frozen gel to wrap candles.

5. Beauty products

To design the perfect packaging for your beauty product, first take time to think about your customers, your brand, and the story you want to tell. Then, use boxes, bags, cans and labels to highlight your brand identity and create an unforgettable unboxing experience. Add some string or ribbon for decoration (to prevent accidental opening of the item). By choosing to pack peanuts, bubble wraps or chopped fillings, you can easily put crumbs, cracks or decomposed cosmetics together to provide the required cushioning for your product.

6. Baked goods

By choosing the right packaging for homemade baked goods, ensure that your customers receive biscuits, not crumbs. With more than 500 styles and sizes to choose from, the gable box provides an attractive and sturdy container for all types of snacks. The printed cello bag uses a variety of seasonal designs, which is ideal for small snacks such as candies and gummies. To add the finishing touch, use linings and food packaging to provide a color that keeps your candy clean and intact during transportation.

7. Home decoration

From pottery to carpets, home decorations require special attention during packaging and transportation. We recommend focusing on three: customization, cushioning and creativity. For fragile items such as pottery, porcelain and lamps, please pack individual items separately, and use foam wrap and foam to fix delicate areas such as handles and spouts. Pack extra cushioning material in the packing box and stick it firmly. For more difficult or bulky items, look for creative transportation solutions, such as mailing wreaths in a hat box before rolling or laying acid-free paper on the carpet to ensure that it reaches the mint state.

Post time: Feb-23-2021