The cost of packaging and printing needs to be controlled by six points

Packaging and printing industry has been into the era of micro patent vendor information, while the financial storm intensified for packaging and printing enterprise survival crisis has contributed, packaging and printing enterprise future will face a great challenge, the packaging and printing enterprise to be carried out in accordance with the past that kind of extensive pattern management is doomed to be abandoned by time, this time should be on the cost management to fine management control mode.Below we carry on a brief description to cost control from several respects respectively.

1. Timely and appropriately improve the qualified rate of final products

Final product qualified rate represents an enterprise production process from raw material to final product conversion, data is a key development history, the higher the percent of pass represents the conversion rate of raw material to final product, maintained at a high level, which means that in the same raw materials compared with low qualification rate can produce more products, nature also can create higher profits.To improve the final product qualified rate seems to be a good idea, but on the actual operation is not so simple, because any of the final product percent of pass of an enterprise is related to the enterprise management, equipment operation rate and staff technology level, personnel quality and so on a number of factors is closely related to the layout, and the improvement of the business enterprise inside the end product percent of pass is also should adopt a gradual development model, cannot be achieved overnight, after all it is a need to work hard skills, but once the execution will inject vitality of sustainable development for the development of enterprises.

2. Improve the utilization rate of raw materials

Just because the final product is more likely to pass the test does not mean it will cost less, for example: a single product printed on the same size paper

On the high fidelity printing, if the first scheme printing for each edition 28, the final product qualified product rate reached 98%;In the second scheme, the printing is 30 sheets per plate, and the qualified rate of the final product reaches 96.5%. If 500,000 products are printed, the first scheme will consume about 18222 pieces of post-press equipment, and the second scheme will consume about 17,272 pieces of paper.It can be seen that although the rate of qualified products in the second scheme is low, but consumption is not high, thus introducing the concept of paper utilization rate, paper utilization rate, if improved, will be effective and maximize the use of paper, so as to ensure that the same paper will get more products.The paper utilization rate should be set before the production of each product to measure the film, in order to meet the production and do not affect the quality of the product should be as far as possible to improve the paper utilization rate, the specific measures are as far as possible to remove or reduce the knife between each trademark and other final products, reduce the white paper edge around each edition……Reasonable and effective to improve the paper utilization rate will make a great contribution to reduce the cost, and the paper utilization rate and pass rate these two indicators together tied together and improve together will make the cost reduction work really come to life.

Through the understanding of the paper utilization, we can do one instance, introduce the concept of utilization on raw materials used, in the efforts to improve the utilization rate of layout and so on in the process of production, improve the distribution of ink, and so on, in each raw materials used index fluctuation kongfu, and too much invisible waste production can be avoided.

3. Normalized operation

Both to improve the qualified rate of the final product, and to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, digital publishing is inseparable from the standardized operation of the tool, because the standardized operation can prevent and avoid the daily production of all kinds of bad habits, to avoid a large amount of waste produced, fundamentally related quality, equipment, and can reduce the risk of hidden trouble and, avoid production due to the influence of such problems arising from too much useless packaging security, which in turn produce certain promoting effect on production.Due to the constraints of standardized operation will make the majority of operators in the daily habit of saving so as to form the actual cost reduction effect.Such as offset printing ask employees to do deep shallow printing ink in the production process, the pursuit of small quantity, small amount of ink printing method can guarantee the utilization rate of printing ink to maintain at a high level, it is also because of printing ink add add less often in the form of constraints, can avoid excessive long-term printing ink emulsification, to a certain extent, reduce the waste.It can be seen that the standardized operation has made its due contribution to the cost reduction in a subtle way. In addition, the constraints of the standardized operation on the majority of operators ensure the establishment of a good operating habit in the production of this contribution is immeasurable.

of employees should be observed to avoid the habitual color sequence that affects the operation, and efforts should be made to promote standardized operation.It is necessary to improve the ways and methods that restrict the improvement of production efficiency, and to make some modifications to the equipment if necessary.Improving the production efficiency can indeed reduce the cost, but improving the production efficiency should be based on ensuring the product quality, because good product quality in turn will promote the improvement of the production efficiency.It can be seen that the improvement of production efficiency is not an isolated event, it should be with product quality, qualified rate, raw material utilization rate and other factors to develop together.

5. Unified raw material specifications

Term in the actual production, we often find the specifications of the raw materials such as paper is varied, due to the diversity of raw materials, natural causes the rising cost of purchasing (because each raw material is not for bulk purchase, the price wants relatively a few high natural), and also increase the inventory cost (the area of the warehouse is bound to a few bigger) standards and certification, the diversity of raw material also can bring some impact to the production efficiency, product quality, because the adopted multiple vendors such as paper, ink products, inevitable due to the similarities and differences of the raw materials in the production of need to constantly adjust,This reduces the production efficiency and also affects the quality consistency of the final product.It can be seen that allowing a variety of raw material specifications will also bring inconvenience to cost control overprint, we should be based on the raw material specifications and raw material utilization rate, etc. for a comprehensive calculation, so as to find out the break-even point, and then try to unify the raw material specifications, in order to reduce costs to make a contribution.

  1. Quantitative production

Here quantitative production is the comprehensive analysis of the cost of production, the production of paper, ink, plate and other raw materials and production time, power consumption, water consumption, and so on various production cost calculates statistics, analysis, and on this basis, respectively, the individual consumption and comprehensive consumption assigned to each of the final product, and then according to these consumption of equipment, operating habits, production technology, utilization rate of raw materials, final product percent of pass, such as item by item analysis, and to develop a target, find out the gap,Then, the purpose of reducing consumption is achieved by improving production efficiency, qualified rate of final products, utilization rate of raw materials, popularizing standardized operation, improving equipment and other methods.Visible in production to implement quantitative production is a cover various aspects of the enormity of the task, the need to mobilize all levels of management resources process, but is by no means an impossible task, if the task is finished very well not only to make a great contribution to the enterprise production and lower costs, but also for the long-term and stable development of the enterprise is also play the role of the centuries.

Post time: Sep-27-2020