What is the design focus of the gift box

The gift box manufacturer tells you that the key points of the box design are:

(1) Design elements must conform to the aesthetics of mass consumers The design of our product packaging box must meet the public’s aesthetic point of view. The product packaging box can be alternative and creative, but it is not recommended to use heavy metal elements. After all, this style is only a few people. The gift packaging box must be simple and generous. We The tradition is to pay more attention to etiquette. People pay more attention to the etiquette problem. The production of gift boxes is different from ordinary boxes. It needs to be simple and generous, combined with the content that the product wants to express, and does not need too many colors and elements to express.

(2) Choose the right color to reflect our products Color is the most expressive artistic language. We must make a selection based on the attributes of the product in the color selection of the packaging box. For high-end gift packaging boxes, we can choose red and blue for food and alcohol; both The color series are more connotative and high-end atmospheric colors, and the design elements can be matched with gold as decoration to highlight the characteristics of our products.

(3) Styles of high-end gift boxes There are many kinds of high-end packaging boxes. The structure of the packaging box we choose is more. There are book boxes, upper and lower flaps, one-piece lids, and these three are relatively common. These types of packaging boxes are all High-end packaging boxes are more commonly used. When the design and color are certain, our material selection must also be selected. Fine paper coated paper is often used.

Post time: Jul-17-2020