What kind of paper should be used in a digital printer

Improper selection of paper will not only change the appearance and quality of the final printed matter, but also lead to sticky and clogged problems in digital printing, which will reduce the printing efficiency and waste precious time and money.

Paper requirements for electrostatic digital printing

1 Proper electrical properties

Using the principle of electrostatic printing digital printing machine, copier, or desktop printer, is a kind of make use of the positive and negative electrostatic attraction to ink powder to transfer printing way, therefore requires that the electric properties of paper, such as resistivity and dielectric constant are should be controlled at an appropriate level, and such as conductive aluminum foil backing paper in good paper will even produce arc phenomenon (not conductive part or accidentally air charging phenomenon) to cause the damage of the machine and poor printing quality.

Uniformity and surface smoothness

The quality level of printing using electrostatic printing principle requires high uniformity of printing paper: the distribution of fibers or fillers in the paper must be uniform, and the smoothness of the surface of the paper is also critical to the quality of color transfer.Color to reach the surface of the paper, more rely on hot pressing fixed.Therefore, the paper surface smoothness, surface chemical properties and heat treatment properties must be mastered at the appropriate level.In addition, paper containing wax, stearate and plasticizer can stain the photosensitizer used in digital printing machines, causing problems.

Paper temperature and humidity

The change of moisture content caused by ambient temperature and humidity in the process of transportation, handling and storage of printing paper has a great influence on the quality of digital printing based on electrostatic printing principle. Therefore, relevant warehouses and printing workshops should use air conditioners to control the temperature and humidity of paper.

Paper requirements for ink-jet digital printing

Digital printing using inkjet technology is very different from digital printing using electrostatic principles.Because the ink-jet is 50%~90% solvent – based, and the vast majority of pigments are added to the solid polymer particles.Liquid performance of the ink jet technology in ink on paper surface absorptivity and uptake requirements, including: spray drops on paper, paint should stay in the paper, non-proliferation, this requires control of its solvent is absorbed the rate and amount of, and be controlled solvent eventually evaporate from the paper, the formation of uniform.Therefore, ink-jet digital printing machine has higher requirements on the surface performance, pore structure, chemical composition and mechanical properties of the paper, and not all ink-jet printing machine or ink-jet materials are the same.

Post time: Sep-22-2020