What should be paid attention to in album printing?

Picture album has an irreplaceable position in the enterprise publicity.Album design is the publicity window of enterprise products, plays a direct role in the publicity of enterprises, can enhance the company’s image, improve product sales.Album printing is equally important, if the printing is not good, the same can not play a good publicity role.Note should be taken when printing:

1. The distance between the text on the picture album printing plate and the cutting edge must be >3mm, so as not to be cut to the cutting edge.Text must curve or line.Do not use system words for text. If you use system words, you may end up with white nodes where the strokes are interlaced.After the text is curving, please pay attention to whether there are skipping lines or overlapping between the words.If there are white nodes in the interlaced strokes, it can be handled with the scatter command.Do not use overprint for black text.

2. The printing color of album printing cannot be required by the color printed on the screen or printer. The customer must refer to the percentage of CMYK chromatograph to decide the color filling.At the same time, note: the CMYK chromatogram produced by different manufacturers is affected by the paper, ink type, printing pressure and other factors, the same color block will have differences.

3. When the same document is printed in different albums, there will be color differences, and the color difference is normal within 10% (due to different ink quantity control each time).

4. In color printing, please try to avoid using dark color or full color combination, otherwise it is easy to produce backprint after printing cutting.

5. Use CoreIDRAW9.0 Chinese version to design and produce documents. Due to the need of the group version, all documents designed with Apple will be converted to PC format.

6. No less than 10% shading or shading color in the album printing, so as to avoid the inability to present the finished product when printing.

7. The wireframe thickness of all input or self-drawn graphics should not be less than 0.1mm for album printing, otherwise the picture album printing will cause broken lines or cannot be presented.In addition, the wireframe cannot be set to “zoom in and out with the image”, otherwise the printing output will form irregular lines.

8. When a gradient object is placed into the frame for precise clipping, it should be converted into a lattice (the same method as point 6), because the gradient object placed into the frame is grouped with other objects and then rotated, and the gradient direction will not rotate together.In addition, do not set “edge width” for any creasing objects, because the output machine will interpret it differently, which sometimes results in insufficient coloring of the creasing edges.

9. There is no need to draw a cross line or cut a tangent. Two invisible wireframes can be used to serve as the production size and bleeding line of 92x56mm, which is 90x54mm after cutting (i.e., 1mm bleeding is reserved for each side).If you need special size, please specify it in the order form and the uploaded document.

10. Special attention should be paid to any picture, color block or line beyond the production size, which should be put into the picture frame.Do not use white color block to cover, so as not to cause confusion when the version.

Post time: Sep-29-2020