What should I pay attention to when printing the packaging?

With the increasingly fierce competition in the printing market, quality assurance is not enough to have its own foothold in the printing market. It is also necessary to focus on the packaging design of products while ensuring quality. Only by considering and handling the various aspects of the printed packaging can we make qualified and satisfactory products, that is, the details we call success or failure. So what details do we need to pay attention to during the printing process?

1. The thickness and area of the ink on the substrate: the thickness of the ink on the substrate at the time of printing will directly affect the quality of the printed product. Sometimes we will encounter too large an area on the printed matter. Causes the ink layer to be very difficult to bond with the plastic film, will cause the phenomenon of delamination, bubble, etc.. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the ink is not uniform, which hinders the penetration and expansion of the adhesive on the paper. Therefore, in the process of packaging printing, the amount of ink printed must be strictly controlled. We generally control 2-3 um.

2. Ink used in packaging printing: The product to be coated in packaging printing should be made of fast fixed light offset printing ink. Because of the fast fixed light offset printing ink, its connection material is composed of synthetic resins, dry vegetable oils, and high-boiling kerosene. The molecular groups in these synthetic resins and the molecular groups in the cross-adhesive will expand and infiltrate each other to produce cross-linking, forming a physical chemical binding force, which is more conducive to coating.

3. Whether the surface of the substrate is good: If the dryness of the substrate is not good, it will greatly affect the quality of the coating and will cause the emergence of foaming, delamination and other quality problems. There are many factors that affect the surface ink layer drying of prints, such as the type of ink, the amount of desiccant, the structure of the paper, the temperature and humidity of the workshop environment, and so on. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the drying of the ink layer when printing. Datong printing strictly control the balance of ink, pay attention to the emulsifying state of ink, control the acid value of Run plate liquid. At the same time, the temperature and humidity of the workshop are controlled. Make the surface and inside of the packaging print really dry, so that the quality of the film is guaranteed.

4. The addition of printing powder: In order to adapt to the high-speed printing of multi-color machines, to prevent the paper back of the printing sticky, packaging offset printing often uses the powder printing process to solve. The powder sprayed is mostly composed of cereal starch and natural suspended substances. These powder particles are thick. If too much powder is sprayed during the printing process, these powder particles will float on the surface of the print. When the film is coated, the binder is not combined with the ink layer at each place, which seriously affects the quality of the film cover. Therefore, strict control of the amount of spray powder is required when packaging printing. It is recommended to use a small amount of spray powder without sticking to the dirt.

Post time: Jul-04-2019